About Us

Is a unique site and application if not the first in terms of content rich, which represents an electronic portal through which you see the world of horses as if you live in order to shorten the trouble of searching for all the needs in the world of horses at the local and global level.            

Sahil›s Message

The site and application of Sahil comprehensive services of a modern nature takes you from your reality to live a virtual world can communicate with a selection of horse lovers around the world and those interested in an environment of respect and progress and the ethics of knights


We believe that this world with all its vast horizons has become a small village Through the Internet portal, which is a revolution in the contemporary world, and because we know the importance of creating a site and professional application of commercial, veterinary and educational services in the field of horses,

Why Saheel Horses

The horse world has become one society and one village and now with the site and application of Saheel we unleash the view of this world and you have owned and paved the roads was the idea of Sahel to live this world anywhere and anytime

Satisfy your curiosity and discover the hilarity

Share your diary with horses and stories and equestrian  talents or information about them through the possibility of uploading your footage on the Sahil Daily 


Value Sahil

Distribution of competencies to facilitate the work of the site to all departments


Easy Of Search

Ease of searching on the site and knowledge saturation



Excellence in the development of these services and the ease of using them


Audience satisfied

Your satisfaction is at the level of quality without facing difficulties


Quality & Effectiveness

A whole team at a professional level to maintain quality and effectiveness 

Sohail Goals


Easy Communication

Communicate with veterinarians

Communicate with veterinarians around the world in the easiest way and take advice from them as if they are in front of you through the consulting feature.

Ease of searching

Ease of searching for veterinary clinics

Ease of searching for the nearest veterinary clinic, booking appointments and waiting lists, as well as the clinic is able to accept or reject the case .

Possibility of shopping

Shopping & ordering feeds

We put in your hands the best international companies specialized in feed and the possibility of shopping and ordering the appropriate feed with international quality .

Horse supplies

Providing horse and rider supplies

The requirements of the horse and the knight are the priorities of the Sahail site, where you can order your supplies and browse the markets while you are on your phone.

Horse History and Stories

Horse History and Stories

There is a passion for knowledge of horse history and stories, and here we put in front of you a library that includes horse books and supports books in Arabic and English 
Distinguish with Sahil horse

Our clients                                                                 always strive to build distinguished relationships with our valued customers